Outdoor concert June 2nd at 12 noon

We were very happy to see a great turnout at Amazing Things, a place where we feel free to do stuff we might not be able to do everywhere.  So we started with some acoustic jazz with some Gregory Porter and an original from our drummer Alvin Terry.  We also got in four or five more originals amongst our funk/soul/rock/fusion repertoire.  It was a good night.

Coming up in a few weeks is a chance to play at another great location, that being the Bocca Bella Cafe & Bistro in Auburndale during the 1st Newton Porchfest.  You can catch us outdoors right next to Bocca Bella, and Chef/owner Anthony says he’ll have some things cooked up for the event.  It’s a great way to spend a summer Saturday, so start with RPS and stay to check out a number of other talented local artists.  442 Lexington Street, Auburndale MA, 12:00 – 1:30pm on June 2nd.

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