Amazing Things, and a new anticipated June gig at MUSIC IN THE DALE

Our Framingham gig was a good one – the room sounded great and that got us very comfortable very quickly.  We mixed up some of our dance stuff with some Herbie Hancock and Roy Hargrove grooves.  Turnout was good and the crowd was into it I think – we definitely want to get back there.  Especially satisfying was the fact that some of us in the band played a pivotal role in getting the original store front arts center to where it is today, because we were the original house band for the Tuesday night jazz jam for about five years.

We’re now getting ready for another great spot in Auburndale (Newton) called the Bocca Bella Cafe.  It’s an intimate spot that has great food (so I’ve been told repeatedly) and seems to be looking to establish itself as a spot for jazz and R&B.  I’ve noticed that they’ve had a band there recently that features Andre Ward – so we’re hoping they’ll like what we do too.  June 3rd 7pm at 442 Lexington Street at Bocca Bella MUSIC IN THE DALE!

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