Upcoming fall and winter gigs

Taking some time off to go in the studio, but we have some gigs coming up we’re excited about – a few new venues and some of our favorites spots get a return visit.

RPS (the trio) is playing Feng Sushi in Hudson from 9:30 to 12, and we look forward to our first time there as they have decided to start featuring live music.

November 3rd, we’re at Fireflys BBQ in Marlboro from 9 to 12.  We encourage you to come out, get some wings, and help us turn it up in there!

We have a private party to play for a 50th anniversary, and then we go back to Bocca Bella in Newton (Auburndale) on December 2nd from 7 to 10.

On December 15th, we go back to the much loved Midway Cafe, hoping to join forces with a great band called Kong – catch this one if you can, we’re on at 11.


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