Playing outside in summer … what could be better?

Our last three gigs have been outdoor sets of some kind, and it seems to bring out the best of RPS.  After another great night at the Midway, we played outside in JP as a part of Porchfest the next day.  We played over by Heath Street behind a day care facility, and they were excellent hosts.  We played in my neighborhood for a block party/surprise birthday party which was pulled off by a few sneaky people.  A beautiful day, lots of family and friends, and tons of food and libations.  RPS played, preceded by the Brazilian Project.  Also we had the opportunity to be a part of a Feed The Homeless program put on by a Framingham church, New Bethel Baptist.  Dan Walker did a great job with sound and gear, which made all go smoothly, and RPS showed out a little.  We were really happy to support this event!

Now it’s time to put the fall schedule together, there will be updates soon.


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