All You Need Is Love … and $1

This is not the RPS band, but it’s something involving at least a few of us, and it’s going to be a great afternoon.  The assembled musicians, including Alvin Terry and myself from RPS, will be playing a couple of sets of jazz from the school of Hard Bop.  This is the favorite jazz genre of our special guests, the Reverend Howard and Katy Haywood.  It’s a fun event for the Framingham community with music, food (if you bring it), and fellowship.  Knowing our guests, it makes sense that this would be a favored style.  Hard Bop came after BeBop and Bop, with the 50’s and 60’s as it’s start, and incorporated elements of gospel and soul along with the complex harmonies and rhythms of classic jazz made a little more funky.  Another great thing about Hard Bop is that it was very much in sync with the times politically and socially, a time of relative progress and change for this country with the Civil Rights movement coming to full expression among others.

Come out on Saturday 11/3 at 2Pm, cover charge is only $1.00 (donations accepted), and bring your own food and refreshments.


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